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Welcome to Blood and Spectacles Publishing!

You are at the gateway to a world of imagination, excitement, and adventure.  Beyond lies a vast plain of creativity and fun.  Dare you journey across these bespoken lands?  Step forward on the longest journey that begins with a single step.  Mind the gap!

Blood and Spectacles Publishing is focused on creating table top wargame rules for players of all ages, backgrounds, interest, and experience levels.  These games range from historical periods, to fantasy realms, to sci-fi encounters and beyond.

 Here, you will find access to a variety of publications, communication, and forums to help grow and build our table top wargaming community.

Thank you for stopping in, looking around, and expanding your wargaming horizons. 


Here you have access to all the currently available games by Blood and Spectacles Publishing.



The Blood and Spectacles blog covers a wide range of topics in the Blood and Spectacles world.  It does not limit itself to just topics of interest to Blood and Spectacles.  Instead, it looks at the wider world of wargaming.  It includes battle reports, campaign ideas, game reviews, painting information, wargame design topics, and much more.  It is regularly updated with new content and is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on at Blood and Spectacles and the world of wargaming. 


The work of creating new content and games requires time, money, and resources. It requires artwork, a reference library, photography, computer programs, play-testing supplies, and much more.  Sadly, most of this is not free.   

The easiest way to support the work we do at Blood and Spectacles Publishing is to make a purchase on our Publication Page. We also accept donations and have Patreon. If you like what we do, please consider supporting it. Thank you.



Patreon allows you to directly support the creation of new Blood and Spectacles Publishing content such as new games, new supplements, campaign packs, new lines-of-battle, and more.


In exchange, you get access to behind-the-scenes into the game design process, access to backer polls, and at the highest Patreon backer levels you get a say in the actual games themselves!


This is the best way to stay connected to the latest information and releases from Blood and Spectacles Publishing.  It is this level of support that helps Blood and Spectacles grow! Thank you for becoming a Patreon backer!    


The message board allows enhanced support and community for the worlds of Blood and Spectacles publishing.  Here you can discuss wargaming in general, specific points about Blood and Spectacles games, or just get a glimpse behind the curtain of what we are working on.  Like the Blog, it is a great way to stay connected to what we are doing here at Blood and Spectacles Publishing. 

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